February 20, 2019

USB 3 Cable and Extension for Studio Photography Tethered Shooting

B&H (2016)

What is Tethered Shooting Photography?

Tethered shooting is basically the technique of connecting your camera to your computer as you shoot, so that the images captured will be saved directly onto your computer. Tethered shooting significantly benefit many studio photographer’s work flow, though setting up the tethered shooting is tricky, especially when involving USB 3 and Type-C in connectivity.

Growing Trend of USB3 Tethered Shooting

A few years ago the DSLR cameras that support tethered shooting typically adopted mini or micro USB 2.0 connectors and transfer the image data with the computer via the USB 2.0 bus speed.

While starting from Nikon’s D800 first adapted the USB 3.0 connectivity port, more and more cameras such as Sony a7R3 came to the market start to supporting USB3 transfer speed via either USB 3.0 micro B or Type-C port.

USB 3.0 Micro B
USB 3.0 C

Benefit of USB3 Tethered Shooting

  • 10 times faster than USB 2 in image transfer speed
  • Significantly reduced shutter response latency
  • Shorter capture time for continuous shot

Find the right USB3 cable for Your Tether

Newnex manufactures industrial grade USB3 cables that ensures the most reliable connectivity. Our USB3 cable solution has been widely used in industrial application fields such as Machine Vision, Unmanned Driving, and Robotic Automation for more than 10 years. Here are the most typical cables’ configurations for USB3 tethered shooting.

Extend the USB3 connection for Your Tether

Although USB3 provides a significant advantage in transfer speed, the maximum cable length of USB 3.0 is often limited at 10 - 15 ft. Meanwhile in a lot of photography studio set up, the distance from the camera to the computer are much longer than this maximum distance.

With Newnex’s break through FireNEX-uLINK-EX repeater technology, our active USB3 extension cable can extend connection range over 50 ft. (16m) for USB3 tethered shooting practices. The male to female configuration gives user the flexible choice to connect it with their own camera cable, such as a right angle type-C or micro B cable fit for their most proper setup .

Tether Diagram

Commonly Paired with:

Ultra-Slim, USB 3 Micro B Cable, 1m
Ultra-Slim, USB 3 Micro B Cable, 1m
Ultra-Slim, USB 3 Right Angle Type-C Cable, 1m
Ultra-Slim, USB 3 Right Angle Type-C Cable, 1m


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